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We love helping our customers beyond just printing! This month’s customer feedback is from Grace Ketchum, Development Director at Camp Daggett

Annual Giving 2017 - Camp Daggett
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Camp Daggett’s 2017 Annual Giving Report

Many non-profits are skittish about direct mail fundraising. Unlike email and phone calls to donors which are free, direct mail requires an initial investment of time and money.

With direct mail, there are design, printing, and mailing costs involved, so organizations worry about whether they should use it, and if they do use it, they worry about whether or not they’re doing it right.

The team at Mitchell Graphics guides non-profit appeal planners through the process. We assist with copy writing and design to ensure your message is tailored to encourage recipient response. Our mailing experts scrub your house list to ensure your pieces are landing in the hands of your targets and help you develop a qualified prospect list through demographic profiling to find new donors.

As Camp Daggett learned with their November mailing through Mitchell Graphics, a well-written letter, presented in a graphically appealing manner, with a simple response mechanism can produce powerful results. Camp Daggett Development Director Grace Ketchum shared the following:

“The annual appeal of 2017 was very successful and met our goal of reaching $25,000 for general operations. In addition, significant dollars were raised for the Camp Daggett Adventure Center (CDAC) and the Camp Daggett Funds within the Petoskey-Harbor Springs Area Community Foundation and the Charlevoix County Community Foundation.

Additional dollars were also designated for Summer Camp scholarships. There were a total of 131 donors, 24 of which were new donors. These are increases over the previous year. Thank you to all that helped us meet our goals!”

Our non-profit partners have a mission and we are dedicated to helping them share that mission with their stakeholders and to raise funds needed to reach their goals.

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Tips to Creating Your Annual Report

You’ve spent weeks pouring over numbers and charts in order to create a review of your company’s performance over the past year with its shareholders. The numbers may speak for themselves but not everyone understands statistics and standard deviation.

AnnualReportsHow do you share your findings in a way most people will understand? How do you present your annual report so people want to pick it up and review it?

Here are some tips for you to consider when creating this year’s annual report:

1. Design for the Limited Attention Span
While many stakeholders want to know how your company did, they don’t have a lot of time. Use quality copy but not a lot of it. Avoid getting too technical and break it down into easy to consume content.

2. Represent Your Company’s Vision
Those invested in your company want to know where it is headed and how it will get there. Make sure to state your mission statement but also have the voice of the report share the vision of the company. Include possible struggles and how effective the company will be at overcoming them.

3. Identify Key Performance Indicators
Financial statements can be dull – most people will skim over them. Using charts and graphs presents them quickly and in a visual manner most people can understand.

4. Use Great Images
Imagery not only helps to bring life to a page but it shows the human aspect of your company. Include candid photos of employees working, eating lunch together, laughing, helping in the community. This helps to tell your company’s story.

The team at Mitchell Graphics can help you design and print your company’s annual report. Reach out to one of our account managers today to discuss your annual report production.

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