FOLD of the week #344 Award-Winning Can-

FOLD of the week #344
Award-Winning Can-Shaped Accordion Mailer

This week’s super-cool selection is both fun and mail-friendly. As part of an award winning awareness campaign from Fixation Marketing of Bethesda, Maryland, this mailer was created for the Can Manufacturers Institute. The campaign was developed to raise awareness around using aluminum and steel as a sustainable solution for food and beverage packaging. A 6-panel accordion in the shape of a can (and 6 cans!) demonstrates the concept very dynamically, while the size and shape is in a great proportion for mail. It’s a must-see.

FOLD of the week #343 Closed Gate Self-M

FOLD of the week #343
Closed Gate Self-Mailer with Creative Fold-Ups

At Foldfactory, we love a great example of creativity and production efficiency on a tight budget. This week’s example is so much fun, and proves that you can do great things when the campaign requires a high quantity and low per piece pricing. From our friends at Suttle-Straus, this closed gate self-mailer had to mail USPS Standard, and it had to creatively show-off the products of their client, GVPRO Scorers Tables. See the format, and get the skinny on how they made it happen!

FOLD of the week #342 4-Panel Accordion

FOLD of the week #342
4-Panel Accordion with Stacked Die-Cut Images

This week, we’re bringing you a super-fun idea that can be spun into many different creative concepts. This brochure for Bell Canada was designed to highlight the benefits of their Bell Fibe TV service. They chose a 4-panel accordion fold that uses a series of die-cuts that are centered and stacked at the top of the brochure. The phone, tablet, laptop and TV screens increase in size and create a layered, 3-D effect—and each screen is playing a different show to cover a broad scope of programming interests. Great idea!

FOLD of the week #341 Interlocking Sculp

FOLD of the week #341
Interlocking Sculptural Mailer

This week’s spotlight is on a “format” not a folding style – because that’s how we do things at Foldfactory. You just never know what’s in store for you! From our friends at Corporate Press in Lanham, Maryland, comes a really interesting format that ships entirely flat, and shifts into a sculptural and engaging self-standing piece. The format was produced for The Association for Manufacturing Technology for their IMTS Conference, and it consists of four die-cut pieces that lock together into a truly unique configuration that reveals and hides content. So. Totally. Cool. Enjoy!

FOLD of the week #339 Squeezable Self-St

FOLD of the week #339
Squeezable Self-Standing Dimensional Mailer

Can a folded mailer have a . . . baby brother?? There’s a pint-sized surprise in this week’s episode that highlights a fun and squeezable solution from 3D Paper Graphics in Old Saybrook, Connecticut. The “Squeeze-It” format was used as an invitation for a grand opening celebration at the Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine. It shipped flat in an A6 envelope, but when squeezed from both sides, it locks into a self-standing dimensional format. Be sure to watch for the “little” surprise at the end of the episode!

FOLD of the week #338 Expandable Folded

FOLD of the week #338
Expandable Folded Pocket Brochure

This week’s selection is from the Foldfactory deep archive. Trish did some digging and found a gem of a sample that was produced for the organization Life in Abundance International. The piece is a creative folded pocket format that holds a CD and a stitched booklet. Trish will take it apart so you can see how it works, and how this format could easily be scaled and used for other interesting applications. A must-see!

FOLD of the week #335 The Traveling Iron

FOLD of the week #335
The Traveling Iron Cross Fold

This week’s solution offers a fresh twist on a Fold of the Week favorite – the Iron Cross Fold. Characterized by the plus-shaped structure of this popular specialty format, the Traveling Iron Cross, designed by the Cornell College in-house design team, extends the format into an exciting new shape. Produced by Cedar Graphics of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, this traveling iron cross serves as a cover for a mini viewbook and as an insert for an award-winning marketing kit. You MUST see this week’s featured format!