Invoicing, Postage, and Estimates Invoic

Invoicing, Postage, and Estimates
Invoices and estimates that were branded with the Progress Printers logo will now wear the name Mitchell Graphics. In those cases where mailings are processed under Mitchell Graphics’ mail permits, customers will be paying postage to Mitchell Graphics.

File Upload With the launch of the new s

File Upload
With the launch of the new site, Mitchell has launched a more user-friendly file upload page. This will require customers to setup a user name and password. The portal will be used to share proofs and files in a simple, secure setting.

New Web Presence and Email We have a new

New Web Presence and Email
We have a new, combined web site at that has information on the full-extent of our products, services, and tools. While the web address and email extensions for all former employees will now be, the former URL and email addresses will continue to reach the appropriate location and contact.

They come to Stay, Play, and Spend Their Money


Help them find their way to your business with Rack Cards from Mitchell Graphics.

With spring fast approaching, and summer not far behind, it’s time to start promoting yourself. And, there is no better way than with Rack Cards from Mitchell Graphics. Economical and versatile, you can mail them, make them available at businesses and travel information centers “along the way”, and hand them out wherever they might attract the interest of potential customers.

The time to get your Rack Cards printed is now while you still have plenty of time to get them out there and seen.

Why Rack Cards?

Rack card marketing is an extremely successful way to drive customers to hotels, restaurants, events, water parks, golf courses, theme parks, museums and other attractions. Unlike many marketing methods, customers actively seek out rack cards for direction—and rack cards are incredibly cost-efficient to print and distribute.

The following rack card marketing strategies will help you boost your business overnight

The foundation of your rack car marketing campaign is your ability to cater to your audience. By playing into your audience’s desires and needs, you can craft a compelling rack card that grabs attention and gets results. Are you a hotel geared toward traveling sales people, or a water park aimed at attracting families? Your design, promotions, headlines, features and benefits will all sprout from your audience—your controlling idea.

Study distribution points

Before you hire a copywriter or designer, study your distribution points to identify how you can stand out from the competition. Collect your competitors’ rack cards and compare visuals, colors, headlines, promotions, discounts and other important factors then make your rack cards even more compelling. You’ll also want to pay attention to the types of travelers at your distribution points. If you’re catering primarily to families, you might be better off placing your rack cards at tourist centers versus airport lobbies, for example.

Help visitors find you

Your rack cards only need a few things: visuals, headlines, short descriptions and bullet points. You’ll also need to include your address, phone number, website URL and a map to help customers easily find you. Sometimes it helps to include popular landmarks, especially if you’re trying to attract second-hand traffic from these locations: “Across from Veterans Memorial Park!”

Tell visitors what to expect

Your copy and visuals should be enticingly compelling and tell your visitors what benefits you offer. Let’s say you run a mining museum: Instead of simply including the line “gold panning,” try saying, “Pan for real gold-you keep what you find!”

Pick one or two main attractions for the front of your rack card and bullet point secondary attractions on the back. If you have many attractions that target different audiences, you might be better off with two or three rack cards for maximum return on investment. Keep your rack cards simple and to the point, but include enough information to help your visitors realize they simply can’t miss what you have to offer.

Include coupons or other special offers

Coupons, discounts and other promotions are a great way to drive visitors and track your rack card response rate. You should include special offers whenever possible. You can also create cross-promotions with complementary, but not competing, businesses. A hotel might partner with a restaurant, for example, to offer couples a “Lover’s Paradise” package through rack card marketing. Couples save money, and the shared marketing cost doubles your return-on-investment potential.

Rack card marketing strategy is simple when you pay attention to the finer nuances of attracting travelers. Study the competition to see what works, and then make your rack cards even better. Track response, test your campaigns and tweak your cards for the best return on investment possible. Eventually, you’ll craft an infallible rack card marketing campaign that delivers reliable results.

Take advantage of the upcoming tourist season with rack cards! Mitchell Graphics can help you every step of the way: design, print, mail, ship

Three Things to Consider for Your Postcard Marketing

Three Things to Consider for Your Postcard Marketing

3ThingsConsiderPostcardMarketingTHE MESSAGE

  • Your postcard should have one specific purpose that is valuable to the receiver.
  • Keep your message simple. Less really is more in this case. Your postcard should include one message.
  • Postcards can be used for many purposes, including: reminders, gift certificates, coupons, new product announcements, openings, discounts and even as tickets.
  • Remember postcards work best to generate leads (not close sales). Don’t try to explain everything, and be sure to include multiple ways to contact you.


  • Postcards work well when they cleverly present their message in a unique way. Try to use striking images, graphics or perhaps print on a unique, textured card stock to stand out.
  • Make the most of both sides of the postcard. The non-address side should have the main message. It may help to think of the front as a poster. The address side should include your offer, contact information and other details.
  • Short, bold headlines work best. Avoid jumbled information so the content is easy to skim and read.
  • Keep in mind, oversized cards give you more space to include photos, coupons and even a map to your location.


  • Postcards are great for timely messages, offers with a deadline, or renewal reminders.
  • Encourage quick action. Give customers a good reason to act now; perhaps include a fast action bonus with a deadline.
The team at Mitchell Graphics can help you design, print, and mail your company’s postcard. Reach out to one of our account managers today to discuss your postcard campaign.
Here is an example of our latest postcard with a special deal for you.
Call 800.583.9401 to speak with an Account Consultant or email us at


Employee Spotlight

Ethan Schwarz

Folder Operator

EthanWhy did you decide to work at Mitchell Graphics?
I thought it would be a great place to start a career.

What is the favorite part of your day at Mitchell Graphics?
Walking in, in the morning and saying “hello” to everyone and donuts on Friday!

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?
Camping, fishing, hanging out with friends, and listening to music.


Gary Knudsen

Production Manager at our Traverse City location

GaryPicWhy did you decide to work at Mitchell Graphics?
Mitchell Graphics purchased Progress Printers in April of 2014. I was a 24 year employee so I guess you could say Mitchell Graphics picked me. Both being full service printing and graphics companies, the blending of capacities and capabilities offers more solutions to meet the occasional “seemingly impossible” deadlines. This concept makes working at Mitchell Graphics a welcome employment opportunity for me.

What is the favorite part of your day at Mitchell Graphics?
Besides clocking out to go home, the favorite part of my day is our group production meeting in the morning. Everyone goes through every job in production to decree any needing special attention. This process gets all employees on the same page to better function as a team. This works to everyone’s benefit and makes the communication side of my job more successful.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?
In my spare time I enjoy hiking, kayaking and exploring new places. When my wife (and/or family) go on vacation, it’s almost a sure bet 1,000 miles will be added to our weeklong rental car’s odometer. Much of my time away from work is spent with my wife, family, friends and then there’s the golf course…


Tips to Creating Your Annual Report

You’ve spent weeks pouring over numbers and charts in order to create a review of your company’s performance over the past year with its shareholders. The numbers may speak for themselves but not everyone understands statistics and standard deviation.

AnnualReportsHow do you share your findings in a way most people will understand? How do you present your annual report so people want to pick it up and review it?

Here are some tips for you to consider when creating this year’s annual report:

1. Design for the Limited Attention Span
While many stakeholders want to know how your company did, they don’t have a lot of time. Use quality copy but not a lot of it. Avoid getting too technical and break it down into easy to consume content.

2. Represent Your Company’s Vision
Those invested in your company want to know where it is headed and how it will get there. Make sure to state your mission statement but also have the voice of the report share the vision of the company. Include possible struggles and how effective the company will be at overcoming them.

3. Identify Key Performance Indicators
Financial statements can be dull – most people will skim over them. Using charts and graphs presents them quickly and in a visual manner most people can understand.

4. Use Great Images
Imagery not only helps to bring life to a page but it shows the human aspect of your company. Include candid photos of employees working, eating lunch together, laughing, helping in the community. This helps to tell your company’s story.

The team at Mitchell Graphics can help you design and print your company’s annual report. Reach out to one of our account managers today to discuss your annual report production.

Call 800.583.9401 to speak with an Account Consultant or email us at